Am I in good enough shape to join?

YES! You can join GWG at any fitness level. GWG is good for a wide range of ages & abilities. 

How big are classes?

Classes are limited to 13 participants and often sell out.

If you're interested, it's important to secure your spot early.

Remember, it's only 45 minutes a day - so if you can commit to giving it your best for a few weeks, then you'll find GWG behind you, pushing and encouraging you every step of the way. The program is challenging, but rewarding and that's why it's important to be fully supported and receive personal attention throughout it.

Can you tell me more about the program?

You've heard it before - successful people get up in the morning and work hard. That's what we're going to do, together, as a collective.

This program is designed to make your life better by challenging you, but by also having fun and meeting other amazing women. It will mean you've got more energy in life to do other stuff. This can be a training you do many times or just once in your life. Either way, you'll enjoy exercising better because you'll have the tools to know how to stay motivated, to keep moving, and how to eat right.

When is the next cycle?

The next program is March 25 - April 26.

what does it cost?


  • Mornings : 4m VND ($173.32 USD) | Meets M - F

  • Evenings : 2.8m VND ($121.32 USD) | Meets M, W, Th

  • 10 classes : 2.3m VND ($99.66 USD) | You Select Days To Attend. Valid Until March 15th.

  • 3x a Week: 3m VND ($130 USD) | Mornings Only



  • Mornings : 3m VND ($130 USD) | Meets M, W, F

what all is included in the program?

3x Workouts Per Week (Cardio, HIIT, Strength)

1x Yoga Class Per Week (D2 mornings only)

1x Core Strength & Workshop Per Week (D2 mornings only)

1x 20-minute 1-on-1 Private Consultation

Optional Nutrition Guidance & Detox

Online FB Support Group

1x Bring A Friend

1x Pass to attend a different time slot

What are the Wellness Workshops about?

The weekly workshops give you nutrition and lifestyle guidance to help improve your day-to-day health and wellbeing. Attending will help equip you with the tools to keep up the lifestyle changes after the program is finished. Not only that, but it will help you understanding why you’re doing the program and this is a very important to staying motivated.

Are you going to try to put me on a diet?

NO WAY! GWG focuses on eating real food and feeling good, so you're encouraged you to do just that. The 3rd & 4th week have an optional 2-week "lifestyle challenge" component, but you can decide how much you want to participate, if at all. This could be doing something small...but naughty... that you give up for two weeks, or it could be a healthy habit you add in.

What do I need to bring?

All training supplies are provided, so you only need to bring sun protection (hat & SPF), drinking water, & a towel. For yoga, please bring your own mat or towel. 

What if it rains?

Rain or shine we're sticking to it! If there is lightening we will have to cancel for safety. 

What if I get sick or

i am unable to attend? 

Please make sure to read and understand the Terms & Conditions before joining the program.

You're always welcome to talk to us to see if there's something we can do to help. 

More Questions? It would be great to hear from you!