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GIRLS WITH GUNS is a 5-week health & fitness training program exclusively for women. We promise to get you moving, breathing, eating right and sleeping better. Committed to overcoming challenges and supporting each other, GWG keeps you motivated.

If you want to lose weight and gain strength, why not do it as efficiently as possible? We’ll show you how in a safe, high-quality & effective workout with classes running every weekday. All you need to do is just find a little time in your busy day to show up.





[5:30am, 6:30am 8:30am, 6pm @ 232 Nguyen Van Huong - Across from BIS: Maritime Vocational College]

Our team consists of passionate women who have travelled and shared their knowledge world-wide.  Experienced and certified in various fitness specialties and injury prevention techniques, GWG trainers are passionate about sharing joy, wellness, movement and know how to keep you motivated and having fun! 

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Hi, I'm Sarah.

Every day I'm still challenged to remember to make my bed, to be patient, to find strength when I feel weak, and to seek and accept support from others.

I started GWG Fitness because I know that sometimes the little things are the hardest to do, but proper guidance and encouragement goes a long way!  

One of the core values of GWG trainers is based in a deep understanding that each person we train with is different, and while respecting those differences, it's our joy  to help encourage others to find new, challenging ways to move while having fun and staying safe as we work together towards self-improvement.