[THAO DIEN] Fitness & Wellness Program

[THAO DIEN] Fitness & Wellness Program

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Fitness is about more than being able to do a push-up or touch your toes! Being strong isn't enough if you don't feel good in your head! That is why GWG believes a holistic approach is essential. We teach how to improve strength, flexibility and mobility, and also focus on relaxation, enjoyment, and improving natural abilities. We start out slow and you're always encouraged to move at a pace that is appropriate for you.

[ WHEN ] Mornings (M - F) OR Evenings (M, W, Th)

[ DATE ] March 25 - April 26

[ DURATION ] 45 minutes at either 5:30am, 6:30am, 8:30am or 6pm

[ WHAT ] Each day has a unique and motivating workout to keep you having fun, learning and trying new things to improve your ability to move with agility, strength, and purpose. On the first Monday and last Friday we do a fitness assessment so you can see how your physical skills have improved in just 5 weeks!

[ WHERE ] Outdoors at 232 Nguyen Van Huong (across from BIS in ThaoDIen, D2)

[ WHO ] Join Fitness Guru Aj Miller, Yoga teacher Gabriella Pineda, and a small group of like-minded but unique women from all over the world!

[ COST ]

  • MORNINGS - 4m VND for 5 weeks (M-F)

  • EVENINGS - 2.8m VND for 5 weeks (M, W, Th)

  • 10x DROP IN CLASSES - 2.3m VND (Valid for any class until April 26)

  • 3x A WEEK (MORNINGS ONLY) - 3m VND for 5 weeks (Attend an average of 3 classes weekly)

These classes are well-suited for ladies of all ages, all levels of fitness, all body types, and all abilities!


  • 3x Strength/HIIT/Cardio Sessions Per Week

  • 1x Yoga Per Week (mornings only)

  • 1x Movement & Lifestyle Focused Workshop Per Week (mornings only)

  • 20-minute 1-on-1 Private Consultation

  • Optional Nutrition Guidance & Detox

  • Online FB Support Group

  • 1x Bring A Friend & 1x Pass to attend a different time slot


  • Monday - Cardio 

  • Tuesday - Mobility, Cardio Strengthening & Workshops

  • Wednesday - HIIT 

  • Thursday - Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Vinyasa, Yin)

  • Friday - Strengthening 


  • Monday - Cardio 

  • Wednesday - HIIT 

  • Thursday - Strengthening 


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